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So Long, Summer: 62 Hours with No Electricity

Little boy playing with blocks and Playmobil

Life is better with electricity. Just saying. Despite being a camping family, 62 hours of no electricity at home is a challenge. Let’s just say we did no laundry, Enoch and Judah were the only ones to brave showering in the dark (thankfully we still had water) and I did lots of grilling…even though I am terribly afraid of both the gas grill and the propane stove, convinced that with one wrong move I will set myself on fire or blow up most of Bellingham. And the last thing we need is more wildfires in our state.

boy with block tower

On the bright side, we have been having torrential downpours! Just what our state does need right now. I had to cancel two photos sessions due to the rain, but I am confident we will have a bit more sunshine before fall truly sets in.

preschooler making sandwich

Tomorrow is the first day of school! We enjoyed a long, hot summer, squeezing out every bit of joy we could. I love looking back with happy memories, not feeling like we missed out on anything. Today the kids go to the school and meet their teachers. I am beyond nervous about how Apollo will do. With all the talk of school starting, he has become more clingy than ever…He doesn’t have his first day until next week. In fact, due to a mistake on the school district calendar, he is going to miss his first day of school for an appointment in Seattle. I was not happy to find this out, but had already rescheduled the appointment once, since it was originally scheduled for today…meet the teacher day.

So today will be a busy rush between the Jr. High and elementary school…Here’s to the start of a new year!


  1. Mama

    I juts can’t get over how grown up Apollo looks with his handsome new hair cut! Praying prayers of peace for you as he starts his public school adventure! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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