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Spartacus the Guinea Pig and Homeschooling

Spartacus the guinea pig and homeschooling.

Even after 15 years, homeschooling brings new adventures.

I walked through the kitchen the other and said, “Is that a guinea pig on the kitchen table?”

The answer was, of course. I’m not sure why these things still surprise me.

Spartacus the guinea pig and homeschooling adventures.

Spartacus has it pretty good in our house. Not only was he set up all cozy in his strawberry bed, but Kalina had provided snacks as well. When he finished the bell pepper he moved on to chew the edge of her paper. Why not? Spartacus is fully convinced he has full rights in this house.

I’m not sure it’s occurred to him that he’s actually a pet.

Spartacus the guinea pig and homeschooling adventures.

I posted one of these photos on Facebook (because that’s what moms do).

A few hours later I saw this reply by Kalina:

 I was like “Okay, he’s eating my homework. I can handle that. I didn’t even have to pay him.

He’s pooping in his house. Okay.

Wait he’s climbing out onto my homework…

He’s pooping on my homework. Awkward.

He’s eating his poop…

Um, let me escort you back to your cage.”

Spartacus the guinea pig and homeschooling.

So apparently, just for the record, if you’re Kalina’s friend it totally okay to: eat her homework and even poop on her homework, but eating your poop is the straw that breaks the camel’s guinea pig’s back.

Good to know.

Spartacus the guinea pig and homeschooling adventures.

I tried to explain to her that not only is in normal for guinea pigs to eat their poop, but they make special poop that is meant to be eaten.

She didn’t seem to be impressed which is a bummer since she homeschools and this is what we call “a teachable moment”.


  1. Kathryn J Corbett

    It’s taught me I never want a guinea pig for a pet! I don’t gross out easily, but apparently poop eating is a line I’m just not willing to accept. Even in a pet.

    • Renee

      Seriously? I LOVE guinea pigs. I honestly think they are the best pets ever. Spartacus has so much personality. He talks and purrs and interacts with people. While I’ll admit his does eat his poop, he only eats his SPECIAL POOP…and I’ve never actually seen him do it.

  2. Melpub

    And here I’d been thinking–all these years with guinea pigs–that they were cleaning themselves the way cats do. They leave enough poop around the cage to make me think they’re done with it. Never knew it was their aperitif!

  3. Anna

    Homeschooling and Teachable Moments! Hahahahaha! I’m going to add, “You are a homeschooler and this is a teachable moment, so you better listen to me!” to my vernacular!

  4. Sara-Jane

    Oh my!

    We had a recent “teachable moment” too… I’ve been a holdout for many years regarding small mammals and my rather rambunctious brood. But last week I decided to test the water when a friend asked if my kids could petsit their hamster. The first day went well. The kids were fascinated and the hamster seemed happy and healthy. I was impressed by how well everyone listened and treated the little guy, and began to soften to the idea of letting them have one.

    The second day, we were watching him during our lunch. He ran on his little wheel for several minutes as they watched, and then promptly died. Just up and died. It was traumatic for everyone, doubly for me, since I had to inform the late critter’s family.

    The requests for hamsters or rats have abruptly stopped, for some reason…

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