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Star Wars Party {Hezekiah’s Birthday}

Star Wars Cookies made and decorated by Tilly.

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Star Wars Party Ideas

When you’re a twelve-year-old boy and your birth falls on May 4th…as in, May the Fourth Be With You…a Star Wars party is more or less a given. Hezekiah had a Star Wars party two years ago, and was keen to do it all over again; this time with friends from school. First off was the search for the perfect Star Wars party invitations. Not surprisingly, Esty came to the rescue.

Awesome Star Wars party invitations from Pinterest

I purchased these customized plastic cards on lanyards for $2 a piece from PVC Invites. These were a huge hit with the boys and several came to the party wearing them.

Fun food ideas for a Star Wars themed party.

We had a ton of fun planning this party. Pinterest is full of ideas and we chose our favorites and ran with them.

We had:

Hans Rolos (Rolos)

Kylo Ren’s Lightsabers (Twizzlers)

Blasters (Hot Tamales)

Mini Lightsabers (Pixie Sticks)

Princess Leia’s Buns (sweet rolls)

Fin’s Fish (Swedish Fish)

Star Wars Cookies made and decorated by Tilly.

and amazing Star Wars sugar cookies made by Tilly. That girl has some serious talent!

Star Wars party ideas.

We also had:

Carbonite Cups (toys soldiers in Jello). Would you belive the boys oohed-and-ahhed over these like it was the most amazing thing they had ever seen? Want to impress your kids? Make some toy soldiers in Jello. Who knew?

Li’l Snokies (Li’l Smokies)


Jedi Juice

Star Wars party ideas

And popcorn and paper straws…because for some reason the kids go wild over these straws…and they boys had a ball trying to suck their Jello through it.

[I bought these popcorn bags from Amazon. Five hundred pages for $13! We use them for family movie nights as well. No dishes and no fighting over the popcorn bowl!]

Star Wars Party Games.

We had two party games (I like to keep things simple). The first was a simple obstacle course. We live on five acres surrounded by woods, so this was easy. I had Enoch come up with the course and asked him to make it “challenging but fun”. I just wanted to wear the boys out.

The second game was Star Wars themed action version of Clue. We played this game at our 21 Jumpstreet Party and I have detailed instructions in that post. I heard several boys talking about how much fun this game was.

I put the clues and money into brown 3×5 inch paper bags, which I decorated with stickers bought from the dollar store.

Goody bags are always hard for me. The kids love them and I like the idea of a small “thank you” gift to give to our guests…however, I hate junky, plastic toys and don’t want to ply people’s kids with candy. This year I brought out my Instax camera and took a picture of Hezekiah with each guest. These pictures were placed in the goody bags with a couple of Pixie Sticks and some Star Wars Pop Rocks. It was unique, inexpensive and I didn’t overload anyone with candy.

Star Wars Party Ideas.

My dad was amused by how excited Hezekiah was with this Drawer Storage Cabinet. He wanted it to sort his LEGO pieces (he’s an engineer at heart) and was thrilled when he opened it. He has spent hours already sorting his pieces perfectly. We will likely buy more of these in the future.

Happy birthday Hezekiah! I can’t believe in one more year you’ll be a teenager. 



  1. Csmith

    What a cool party! I’m with you on the goody bags, for a while we’ve been doing a pinata at parties instead. We fill it with mini bubbles and balloons for filling with water during summer parties and tiny craft kits at others, it’s become a traditional main party activity for us, it’s great!

  2. Ethel Louise

    A party favor idea for future parties: I have a late spring/early summer birthday and for the last few birthday parties I had (ages 11-13 or something), we bought flats of small petunias, and cut each of the 6-pack flats apart to place one plant in each cellophane gift bag. I loved it because it felt more “grown up” than a bunch of candy or dollar store toy whatnot, and I bet it worked out to be cheaper than all that, too. 🙂

  3. Maria from Collecting Moments

    This looks like such a lovely party for your son! And what a creative ways to incorporate the May the 4th as a theme! I’m loving the labels you used and the cookies as well. Thanks for sharing all your creativity with us on #shinebloghop this week! So glad you were able to join us 🙂

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