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Teen Missions International {Then and Now}

Some of you may remember that Chuck and I met on a Teen Missions team. It was the second trip for both of us. He was one of the team leaders- I was a team member. Do you sense a bit of a scandal there? Don’t worry, we waited until we were home to begin our romance.

Adalia is currently in Merritt Island, Florida for her two weeks of Boot Camp. Training for her summer in Honduras. With the wonders of modern technology, TMI is updating their facebook page with photos. Every day we search each and every photo for pictures of Adalia and her team. Here are a few.


Adalia’s team: Honduras Horseback 2011

CCI07052011_00000 blog

Our team: Brazil Fishponds 1994 (That’s me in the dirty while T-shirt in the front row). This team photo was taken after we ran the obstacle course- hence the dirt. Chuck isn’t in the photo, since this was just of the team members, not leaders.

261896_10150247449843457_31070113456_7585207_5611059_n blog

Adalia hanging out with her team members.

CCI07052011_00002 blog

Me with my team members…I’m in the in the purple T-shirt…then there’s Amy, Myra, Kerri-Ann and Sarah…and I can remember there names all these years later…

CCI07052011_00001 blog

And Chuck (blue T-shirt) our hot fearless team leader.

CCI07052011_00003 blog

And no, he’s not proposing to me in this photo…he’s taking my blood to check for malaria (in the end, we both had it).

Is it just me or does it look like we’re both enjoying that just a little too much…

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