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Teen Missions: Then and Now

Teen Missions: Then and Now

Some of you may remember that Chuck and I met on a Teen Missions team. It was the second trip for both of us. He was one of the team leaders- I was a team member. Do you sense a bit of a scandal there? Don’t worry, we waited until we were home to begin our romance. 

At any rate, Chuck finally showed me how to use our scanner, so watch out world, who knows how many retro Baker’s Dozen photos are going to show up on the web now!

Adalia is currently in Merritt Island, Florida for her two weeks of Boot Camp. Training for her summer in Honduras. With the wonders of modern technology, TMI is updating their facebook page with photos. Every day we search each and every photo for pictures of Adalia and her team. Here are a few (“like” Baker’s Dozen and Apollo XIV on facebook to see more).

Teen Missions Honduras Team 2011

Adalia’s team: Honduras Horseback 2011

Teen Mission Brazil Fish 1994

Our team: Brazil Fishponds 1994 (That’s me in the dirty while T-shirt in the front row). This team photo was taken after we ran the obstacle course- hence the dirt. Chuck isn’t in the photo, since this was just of the team members, not leaders.

Teen Missions Honduras 2011 under the big top.

Adalia hanging out with her team members.


Teen Missions Brazil Fish 1993 Boot Camp

Me with my team members…I’m in the in the purple T-shirt…then there’s Amy, Myra, Kerri-Ann and Sarah…and I can remember there names all these years later…

Teen Missions Boot Camp 1993

And Chuck (blue T-shirt) our hot fearless team leader.

Teen Missions Brazil Fish 1993, testing for Malaria.

And no, he’s not proposing to me in this photo…he’s taking my blood to check for malaria (in the end, we both had it).

Is it just me or does it look like we’re both enjoying that just a little too much…


  1. Mary

    Loved the photos – both Retro and now ! You must both enjoy having Adalia experience a summer with TMI when it was something that you both enjoyed so much.(and where you met each other, sigh… You were both so cute – and still are. )

  2. Joy

    WoW. talk about talking a trip down memory lane. Pakistan ’96! That’s Alex across from Chuck in the cement picture–can’t remember his last name for the life of me. He went to TMI for his entire adolescence, from Peanuts until Team Leader 11 years later.

  3. sheila

    I also went with TMI the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. That was in 1981. Renee….how in the world did you get so filthy running the obstacle course? Did you fall in the water? I was so afraid of falling in (but never did)….I think my gymnastics stint helped me out with that one. 🙂 How fun to be able to see photos right away….I can about imagine the number of pictures she will come back with! My pictures….well….they are all on slides…..guess I am getting old. 🙂

  4. Ingrid

    🙂 I’ve never seen anyone look so pleased over getting her finger pricked… or so happy about getting to prick it! It’s a cute picture.

  5. Elena

    Oh my goodness! That last photo is so cute!
    Some people are just meant to be together 🙂
    Hope Adalia is having fun on her trip!

  6. Rachel

    That is so cool 🙂 I have been enjoying the facebook updates from bootcamp myself – things have changed since I was there. I was at TMI in ’94 too. I went ’92 Jamaica, ’93 Poland, ’94 Indonesia Drama. What a small world 😉

  7. Erin in FL

    LOVE this!! I can see 3 of your kids in your face in these pictures! Such a “good patient” for the “doctor”…~wink wink~ :O)

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Absolutely, Myra! Can you believe I married Chuck and now our daughter married a team member???

      • Myra

        I know it’s crazy! I opened my box of pictures and I have tons from Brazil. I will have to scan them and put some up! Spiders and the OC. All of us wet from the slough. Good times!

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