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The Value of Newborn Photography

I know what you’re thinking. You’re a newborn photographer, of course you are going to say newborn photography is “important”. While that’s true, I want to tell you, as a mom, why newborn photography is so very important to me.newborn, chd, heart baby

My last baby, Apollo, was born by emergency c-section. He had a bit a rough start and needed to be observed in the nursery for while he as worked on his breathing skills. Within hours he was resting peacefully in my arms, having been declared “perfect” by the doctors. A photographer friend came to visit when Apollo was six days old and helped me capture these beautiful newborn images. I will be forever grateful to Emily for that.

newborn photography, chd, heart baby

At age 18 months Apollo was diagnosed with a double aortic arch, a type of congenital heart defect. His heart defect required two heart surgeries and the placement of a g-tube. While I valued these photos before, I  absolutely treasure them now.

double aortic arch, chd, heart baby, vascular ring
March 7, 2012

Never again  will I see my son’s precious scar-free back.

chd, PEG tube,  g-tube, feeding tube
Summer 2012

Never again will we see his unmarred little tummy.

double aortic arch, chest tube, chylothorax, double aortic arch
November 2012
g-tube, mic-key, chd, heart baby, double aortic arch
January 2013

I’m not ashamed of my son’s scars. They are symbols of his struggles, his suffering, his  resilient spirit.

chd, g-tube, mic-key, double aortic arch

Each scar tells a story about Apollo’s life.

chd, double aortic arch, heart baby

A story I hope he will someday be proud to tell.

chd, double aortic arch, heart baby, g-tube

My son is a fighter. I love his body, scars and all.

When Apollo was born we had no idea what struggles he had ahead of him. That’s why newborn photography is so important to me. I am so grateful to have captured sweet newborn body. Just as I proudly capture his now scarred, but repaired, body at two years old.



  1. Samantha

    We didn’t do newborn photography since I had a complicated delivery and my little girl was in the special care for a week. But I know exactly what you mean. It was very important to us to have professional portraits done of her before she had her cleft repair surgery. I miss that tiny wide smile she came into the world with, and I never wanted her to think that we waited to have good pics taken until she was “repaired.” I do wish we’d had them do newborn photos in special care—it was an option. We have only a couple poor quality pictures from those first six days of her life.

  2. Wendy

    i was only able to do the “professional” ones with my last baby (#7) and they are gorgeous & a treasure. and sadly we cant go back & redo them. but pictures are very important.

    and i must add, your pictures of your son are gorgeous…..both the photography & the kid. i think you should enter this particular lot into a Life photo contest or something. they speak volumes with his little precious scared but repaired body. and his expressive nature in his shoulders…the way he is standing….just beautiful.
    you do have a flair for beautiful pictures. (and kids!)

  3. Cassidy

    Love these photos! And the life and story behind them. We decided to do pictures of my last child’s labor. She had unforeseen complications during and after labor and for similar reasons I enjoy looking back on the miracle of her birth. Seeing the pictures reminds me to have a thankful heart and appreciate who my daughter was and all that she will be.

  4. Amanda

    Oh goodness. I’ve never ever thought about newborn photos this way before. How bittersweet. I’m 3 days overdue with #4 right now and crying my eyes out. What a sweet boy you have. All of those photos are treasures.

  5. Delia

    Thos curls simply SLAY me! The standing with fingers pensively in his mouth one is amazing -the way you captured the curls on the back of his head with that backlighting is fantastic. I love how he’s facing the dark with a apprehensive stance, but the light is on his back and his scars, which are proof of healing. The look on his face & the lighting of his curls on the last one in the chair is breath taking.

  6. Kara

    The pictures you and Emily took of Owen when he was in the NICU are so important to me. I can’t imagine not having them. Someone asked me if they make me too sad to look at, but they actually make me so grateful for what we have now.

  7. Michele P

    I love these beautiful pictures. your sweet boy will have an amazing testimony to share someday and your family has now an amazing understanding of families that face challenges. We found those kind of challenges made us stronger as a family and more compassionate to others. I encourage you to look for the blessings. I am sure your blog alone has touched many in ways you will not ever comprehend! Many blessings to you Renee!

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