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Tilly’s New Zealand Adventure

Tilly is headed of for six months of adventure in New Zealand!

Five years ago I didn’t know a single person in New Zealand. Today, I send my second daughter to the southern hemisphere to join her sister and our big, beautiful extended family

Crazy where life leads us, isn’t it?

This summer was a big one for Tilly. She graduated from high school and community college (with an AA degree) and turned 18. She spent her summer babysitting for various families and saving money for her big adventure.  And now? She is off…

But before she left we had a Happy Birthday Graduation Going Away Party for her. Here is a little peek:

Tilly is off on her grand adventure...six months working and playing in New Zealand.

We made a photo collage of some of our favorite pictures of Tilly…she was the best baby ever. Rarely cried, slept well…she didn’t actually have any hair, but she had cheeks that went on for miles and made up for any lack of hair follicles. And as you can see, she has plenty of hair now!

We had a lovely little party in teal and yellow…colors that match Tilly’s personality perfectly.

At eighteen Tilly is already a seasoned world traveler. She has been to Malawi and Colombia and now, New Zealand. I am so excited to watch her adventures from afar. I miss her already, but it feels good to be sending her to her sister who she hasn’t seen in over two years.  

And for those of you who like updates about BEN! and Adalia. They are doing well. Adalia works as a cook in a cafe and loves it. BEN! is finishing up his apprenticeship and has competed in several blacksmithing competitions. They are finished fixing up the home the purchased and just returned from a holiday in the Cook Islands. Yeah, I’m kind of jealous of that part. 

If you want to follow Tilly on her adventures she blogs about fashion and life over at Let it Shine. You can also follow her page on Facebook.



  1. Nana Jo

    Your Tilly is such a beautiful girl. She just shines! I pray she will have a wonderful experience in New Zealand visiting her sister.

    (Hubby and I are just back from holidays and I am enjoying catching up on your blog. )

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