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Wedding Plans

Adalia has been asking me to get in gear and edit more photos from our trip to New Zealand. I finally found some time to work on more and thought I’d share a few here with you.IMG_1930 blog


Adalia is about as busy as any 18-year-old could possibly be. She works 40 hours a week as nanny to two adorable little boys. In just a few weeks she will be finished with school and will receive both her High School diploma and her Associate of Arts degree. She is planning a wedding and going through the process to immigrate to New Zealand.

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t quite that busy at 18!IMG_1936 blog

IMG_1937 blog


I think I mentioned on here before, the wedding itself will be small; immediate family only. The venue they’ve chosen (a log cabin in the woods) isn’t big enough to hold anyone else. In fact, I’m not entirely sure it’s big enough to hold all of us! We plan to have an open house the weekend before the wedding so more family and friends can come celebrate and meet BEN!IMG_1990 blog

IMG_1999 blog

IMG_2001 blog

Adalia has hired the best wedding photographers in our area, Evantide Photography. Not only will she have beautiful wedding images and an album, but I am looking forward to a new family photo for our wall. I love ours, but it’s a year and a half old now.

I have been busy looking into local options for feeding everyone lunch after the ceremony, where to purchase nice fruit and veggie trays for the open house and where to buy new clothes for everyone in our family. The bridesmaid dresses have been purchased, so that  take cares of Keziah and Tilly. Judah and Enoch will be standing up for BEN! and need western style shirts and new black jeans. Apollo needs the same (and cowboy boots) since he’s going to be the cutest little ring-bearer in the history of weddings. And the rest of us? Well, we’re going to need new clothes too.

Nothing daunting about that.




  1. Lisa Smith Dorris

    They are getting married in the states? Will his family be able to come across the pond? I am so excited for these 2 and in my mom’s homeland… Costco for the fruit plates and sheet cake to share with everyone.

      • Lisa Smith Dorris

        I know its expensive to come over. Mom who is from NZ only goes back every 10 years, but my Aunties come to the states more often. Maybe one day you can come over.

    • Aaron Stevens

      Well I’ve already been over when BEN! and I did the trip around the Western Half of USA in 2012, when we both visited the Bergeron family in Person for the first time. 🙂 It was so much fun.
      But yes, I went to Australia Last year for a friends wedding, so still paying off the card for that holiday 🙂

  2. Kate

    Finishing school, working full-time, planning a wedding and immigrating is a lot to take on at ANY age! Adalia is really a remarkable young woman. I married and immigrated to Canada when I was 24 and I have to admit, the reams of paperwork were absolutely daunting.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I know I’ll miss her like crazy once she’s gone, but mostly I am excited for her new adventures!

  3. Lydia

    Hi, I’m BENS! mum. Those of us from New Zealand, going across to the wedding, are all looking forward to it. We’ll help where we can during the few days leading up to it. BENS Oma (grandmother and my mum) is in her eighties and so looking forward to the adventure too. Adalia is a special young lady and is taking on a lot for her age, but having met her and her mom, I’m sure she’ll take it in her stride. God doesn’t give us anything we can’t cope with. She’s not just leaving her family behind, she’s joining another crazy one here! We welcome her with open arms.

    • Jodee

      This actually made me tear up. Sounds like BEN! comes from a great family. I hope one day my girls have the opportunity to join a family like yours. My own family is more than a little crazy so you’re kinda crazy sounds just about right!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I’m not sure yet, and don’t think she is either. She will likely be going over on a work visa. I think she wants to get settled first and then decide what she’s doing next.

  4. Annie

    Does that mean Adalia will become an NZ citizen? Or just a permanent resident? Either way, tertiary education in NZ is very good and nowhere near as expensive as the US. If that’s something she wants to pursue. When will she move? Is that directly after the wedding?

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I don’t know if she plans to become a NZ citizen. Chuck was here over 15 years before he became a US citizen. They are leaving three days after the wedding.

      • Kate

        For a lot of people, there’s no real urgency to become a citizen. I have been a permanent resident in Canada for almost nine years. I work, pay taxes and am covered by our provincial health care — the only thing that a citizen can do that I can’t is vote!

  5. Anonymous

    As a 17 year old who is currently finishing school and working over 40hrs a week, as well as having family and church commitments, I know that life can get very busy! (I do enjoy it though!) All the best for the wedding planning, and for Adalia as she moves to New Zealand. I can tell for a fact that it is a great country, having lived here all my life! 🙂

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