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Welcome to the Nuthouse…

otherwise known at A Baker's Dozen and Apollo XIV.

IMG_9644_5363 blog

Ah, a deck full of happy children all because I supplied them with a bowl of peanuts in the shell.

IMG_9648_5367 blog

Today is Adalia's last day at home until August 14. She and Chuck will be leaving about 2 AM tomorrow morning to head down to Seattle for her 6 AM flight….it doesn't seem quite real yet. If you want to write her while she's away (I know she'd love the letters!) send me an email and I'll get her address to you.

IMG_9652_5370 blog

Our weekend with only eight children at home seemed so peaceful and quiet…I wonder what it will be like with only ten children for the whole summer??? 

*click here to read about Tilly's adventures camping and river rafting*

IMG_9653_5371 blog

We have eight children doing attended Missoula Children's Theater next month. That entire week I will have only Avi, Tucker and Apollo…whatever wilI I do with myself?

IMG_9656_5373 blog

Avi is too young to attend this year, but I think she's got the theater in her future…what do  you think?

IMG_9658_5375 blog

Today my brother and his wife and children will visit from Illinois. We haven't seen them for a couple of years, so this is a much anticipated visit for us all!

IMG_9661_5377 blog

Apollo really, really wanted a peanut…not a cracker…sorry buddy.

Happy first day of summer! I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world.

*and for my friends in the southern hemisphere…happy winter!*


  1. Lou

    “That entire week I will have only Avi, Tucker and Apollo…whatever wilI I do with myself?”
    Um…sleep. Read. Relax. Tell Avi and Tucker to run in the yard and snuggle with Apollo? Just ideas…
    And Avi will be famous I am sure. Just from the photos. That is a child who performs.

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