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Wenatchee River Rafting {2012}

This weekend is the annual Wenatchee River Rafting Trip with our Boy Scout troop.

Judah (14)

Enoch (12)

Isn’t it sweet that even though my boys are 12 and 14 they are still willing to pose together for a photo?


Here are my men…off for a weekend adventure of hiking, camping and river rafting…

Hey, what’s Tilly doing there? Oh yeah, she gets to go too. This particular trip is open to families…unfortunately our family isn’t going because we had to sign before we had the new van…and we doubted our old one would make the trip.

Tilly (13)

Oh, and then there’s Devon. She’s pretty much a fixture in our house. She’s going along on the adventure too, since her brothers are Scouts. Avi? Nope, she’s staying home with me. She just happens to love Devon.

And Adalia? She’s got a job doing farm chores and milking cows, so she’s staying home too.

I always try to do something fun with the kids when Chuck and the boys are off with Boy Scouts. Yesterday’s fun included: a trip to the library, pizza from Little Caesars (a huge treat) and a movie (Puss and Boots).

I can’t wait for the rest of the fam to come home and tell us all about their adventures. And I’m hoping Enoch and Tilly took plenty of photos!

Check out Wentachee River Rafting: 2009 and 2009 Pt. 2 when we took our whole family!


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