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2014 Church Campout

Warning: Happy, Smiling Children Ahead.20140727_4392 blog

I had a sudden epiphany this weekend. If people go camping to “get away from it all” then my family’s version of camping ought to be a weekend in a hotel with room service and air conditioning. 20140727_4393 blog

Life with ten kids at home is pretty much the definition of “roughing it”. I mean, think about it: we live on five acres in the woods, have only wood heat and frequently have to stand in line for the bathroom. After a day of play, my kids looks pretty much life everyone else’s kids after a weekend of camping.20140727_4395 blog

But alas, the annual Church Campout is tradition for our family. So we load up our van with tents, sleeping bags and enough food to last the weekend and relocate to a campground a whopping 30 minutes from our house. 20140727_4409 blog

This is Calvin, he was the first baby whose birth I ever photographed! He’s such a cutie!

20140727_4405 blog

And this is his sister, Emma. I missed her birth because she chose to be born the day I left to take Apollo to Texas for surgery.

20140727_4411 blog

Why yes, this does make me nervous, but Chuck thinks kids can’t grow up to be well-adjusted without climbing trees.

20140727_4413 blog 20140727_4415 blog 20140727_4418 blog 20140727_4419 blog 20140727_4420 blog

Three little puppies: Tiger, Fufu and Caterpillar.

feeding tube camping

Necessity is the mother of invention…Chuck rigged up Apollo’s feeding bag to the top of our tent for his nighttime feedings.

20140727_4422 blog copy

Our cheeky little friend who loved our campsite.20140727_4424 blog 20140727_4436 blog 20140727_4437 blog  20140727_4443 blog 20140727_4452 blog

And you know I made a video of our weekend!

triple stroller

I can’t say I’m sorry that our triple stroller days are over…

To see more of our Church Campout adventures, click here: 2009 and 2013.


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