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I Think I Need Stitches and Other Weekend Highlights

If you are thinking about painting and updating you kid’s room this summer I have one simple tip for you: DON’T DO IT. Trust me on this one, okay? Two weeks in and our simple (if time consuming) Optimum Room Placement (ORP) has taken on a life of its own and its not pretty. I think it would have been easier to take my children on a hike in the Mojave Desert, barefoot in the snow with no coffee than this.

kid at Starbucks

So far ORP has unearthed: the Mr. Bean movie I purchased that disappeared before we even had the chance to watch it, 19 pencils, 5 pens, several bags of garbage and, ah, three human teeth.

Two weeks into ORP and here is a list of rooms that are now in complete disarray: girls’ room, boys’ room, laundry room, living room, study hall, deck and carport. Not even Tilly’s room has been left untouched. She is in Malawi, blissfully unaware that we disassembled her bed and reassembled it as a bunk bed in the new girls’ room. I did find her an awesome vintage bed on Craigslist the only thing is, the bed needs to be sanded and repainted before we assemble it. Before she gets home. Next week.

Our exciting weekend really began Thursday night when Avi fell and injured her foot in exactly the spot where Mordecai broke his. In the morning it had swelling and was still hurting her. I called as soon as the doctor’s office opened and made her an appointment for 4:00 PM…I thought over our recent experience with Mordecai’s broken foot and our ensuing insurance hassles. Heading to the doctor at 4:00 then to the x-ray lab, I knew if it was broken we would in exaclty the same position as last time. We still have the crutches Mordecai used but he broke his first (borrowed) cast, and the second (sent by a kind blog reader) is too big for Avi. So, like a totally irresponsible citizen we headed to the ER.

After seeing a very nice doctor (the one who stitched up Apollo’s face a couple of months ago) and an x-ray we were sent on our way with a diagnosis of just a sprain (yay!). I told him he had stitched up Apollo’s face recently and showed him a photo to jog his memory. As we were leaving to doctor said, “We have got to stop meeting like this” with a chuckle.

Later than afternoon I went to the doctor and was of course diagnosed with tendonitis and basically told there was nothing the doctor could do. He showed me a few massage techniques and told me this ususally goes away in about…two years. Nice. And while I was there I got a tetanus shot, so now both my arms are killing me.

five pound baby at birth

Around 3 AM my birth client called and I went to photograph a sweet little five pounder’s first moments in the world. I finished up and was home bright and early. Early enough to wake Tucker (who is still struggling with anxiety) and drive Chuck to a friend’s house where he was helping him with a project. I had to drive him because our second vehicle is currently under construction (or de-construction) in our carport. I arrived home (again) to a houseful of whining children and one volotile sleep-deprived four year old. Breakfast was in full swing and no one seemed very happy about it. We somehow survived the morning and might have even tidied up (but probably not). After lunch we headed out to celebrate the birthdays of two of our friends.

A summer birthday party at Kara’s house always includes quads and go cart rides. As soon as we arrived the kids ran off and the adults began to chat. We were there less than an hour when Enoch came into the house and stood quietly and politely waiting for adult conversation to come to an end. During a pause I turned to him and said, “Do you need something?”.

I think I need stitches” was his answer.

{Warning: Graphic photos}

a gaping wound that needs stitches

If nothing else, my children know how to tell when a cut needs stitches. This is one thing I have taught them and taught them well. So off we went, back to the ER, since our doctor’s office isn’t open on Saturday. Ever the optimist (who but an optimist would have 14 kids?) I told Enoch “Well at least I have a babysitter for the kids!

Enoch then had to point out that he wouldn’t need stitches if we hadn’t of been at the party. He had a point.

At the ER Enoch explained that he had been pulling the start cord of the go cart as his arm pulled back it was lacerated by a metal bracket sticking out of the fence. Ouch. Four stitches and the same ER doctor from yesteerday, (who said as he was leaving, “See you tomorrow!”) we prepared to leave. Just then, Chuck called, ready to be picked up. So we grabbed him, drove back to the party and had dinner. After that is was farm chores for Enoch and then back to pick up Enoch and Kalina’s belongings from their housesitting job.

gaping would closed with stitches

And in case you lost count, I was at the hospital three different times during one 24 hour period.

So yes, you could say I am ready for Monday.


  1. Tony

    Did you know that you can safely use Super Glue (the real…original stuff) to seal small cuts? Widely used in warzones. Always useful to have in a First Aid kid and in a purse/car glove compartment.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, but in my experience (which is vast) it only works on small cuts. I am a huge fan of Steri-strips as well, but sometimes good old sutures are a better option.

      • Liz

        i was just going to say to stock up on steri strips. There is one scar on Noah that we probably should have stitched in hindsight. We also had a CT scan and stitches on the same kid in a weeks time. and my husband is an ER dr…kinda cool…kinda

        • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

          Oh, yes, we have no shortage of steri-stips! My kids have also had a few wounds that really could have used stitches. Enoch works at a garden, so having it taped or glued together wouldn’t work there.

  2. Christina

    So my life! Our trip here this time included confirming we had to be airvaced out with youngest (island life) and just as we get word of our chopper’s ETA my sister brings in my oldest to the ER meh family discount? I played bad Mommy and left sister with oldest and am still hanging out here waiting for someone’s tummy to start working again, and bored outta my mind!

  3. Kara

    I can’t believe that Enoch waited so patiently to let us know he needed stitches! Our rule is that children are allowed to interrupt adult conversation if someone is bleeding, something that is not supposed to be burning is burning, or Owen is having a seizure.

  4. Nicole

    I think you need to learn how to suture! That would be a hand thing for a Mama with lots of little ones to know. I think I had better learn as well. X-rays? Well I suppose we better leave the up to someone else.

  5. Tanya Redfield

    Well, be happy in the knowledge that I suddenly feel a little bit better about my own chaos. AND you gave the ER Dr. a good story to tell about the woman who keeps coming back over and over, and always with a different kid!

  6. Peg in Seattle

    They should give you one of those cards where it’s punched at every visit and after five visits the sixth is free.

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