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40 Weeks Pregnant: New Zealand 2019

Iris at 40 weeks pregnant.

40 Weeks Pregnant

Iris is now 40 weeks pregnant and we went outside the other day for a few quick photos. I am enjoying every minute of soaking up my time with Percy here in New Zealand. He came to visit in December, but I had to share him with the rest of our family. This time? I get him all to myself.

Percy running off and Iris 40 weeks pregnant.

And, yup, that is about how long Percy sits still. Photos with him and Iris together were a bit challenging, but that’s okay. He’s totally worth it.

Pery in handknit rainbow Milo vest.

You might recognize the sweater pattern. It is my very favorite Milo Baby Vest. This is knit with Cascade 220 (affiliate link) and doesn’t need to be hand-washed. I haven’t taken a close up of this sweater, but the cabling is actually a heart pattern. I love experimenting with rainbow colors.

Iris 40 weeks pregnant Percy looking at tummy.
Percy looking at Iris's tummy. Maternity photos New Zealand.
Percy picking his nose.
Black and white portrait of Percy hugging Iris. 40 weeks pregnant.
Percy, 20 months old.

Percy is brave and adventurous and loves to explore the property. He sleeps well, naps well, eats well, and is happy all of the time.

Percy walking along log in New Zealand.
Iris, 40 weeks pregnant, with Percy in New Zealand.
Home in New Zealand.

And for those of you who have been following BEN! and Iris from the beginning, they are doing so well. Ben owns a thriving ferrier business. They own 13 acres of land. They board horses, raise cows for meat, and are currently living in their house/shop. Ben designed this house with living quarters and is up to housing spec so they can live in it. Eventually, they plan to build a bigger, house only, on their propery.


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