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After Teen Missions International

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My sweet Adalia has been home from her big adventure with Teen Missions International for just over a week now. She had the time of her life, as I knew she would. She is calling it the "best summer of her life"…just as I would call my two summers with TMI.  IMG_1220_6919 blog

At the same time she is missing her teamates terribly. After spending two months in often difficult circumstances they are very bonded. Thankfully with today's technology it is so much easier to keep in touch. They email, facebook and even have a Honduras Horseback facebook page when they can keep up and chat. Back in the day when Chuck and I went on teams ('86, '93, '94) you had to use snail mail…

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Hooray for technology! And at the same time, technology can sometimes be a mixed blessing.

Imagine being 15, on your very first (but hopefully not last) TMI team. You're at Boot Camp in a technology class (um, didn't have those back in the day) and the speaker starts talking about how to use the internet to share the gospel. He talks about websites, how you can view where your hits come from and then goes on to say:

"One day we started getting a ton of hits from this one site, so we went to check it out. Well, this lady, who's a Former Team Member, has 14 children and a blog, A Baker's Dozen,  and put a link over to us. She has quite a following…it's almost like a cult or something…"

Oh my. Adalia was apparently preceded to Boot Camp by you, dear friends! Thankfully she thought it was wonderful and amusing…not humiliating 🙂

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So what the heck, why don't you click over to Teen Missions International agian, just to keep them busy?

Adalia is home and adjusting well, but she is ready to start school. After putting in 8 hour work days all summer, she feels a bit lost. Books and music seem different somehow. She is now surrounded by younger siblings instead of her friends. She is back in the business of babysitting, if you live locally.

I am still having a grand time hearing more and more stories each day…and if you'd like to hear more about her trip, she has blogged Part Three of her trip. I know, she calls it Honduras Part II, but that's because she already blogged about Boot Camp. 

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Tilly, my faithful second shooter 🙂

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  1. Angela

    The technology class story is cracking me up!!! Wish we didn’t live on the other side of the US we are in the market for a babysitter.

  2. Elizabeth

    Beautiful girl and dress! Love the style and colors! From the few pictures I’ve seen of her Mama she looks JUST like you, it’s almost uncanny.

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