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Church Campout 2021: Fun in the Rain

Oakely explores a raindrop.
Camping in the rain with kids can still be fun.

What’s more fun than camping with your family? Camping in the RAIN with your family.

When there is a burn ban on so you can neither warm up nor dry off.

Add to that two adorable toddlers, two dogs, and a thief, and you have a recipe for, well, one memorable camping trip.

Church campout 2021 Silver Lake Camp Grounds

After weeks, no, months, of record-breaking heat, we got the first rain during our annual Church Campout. And, due to wildfires, we couldn’t, in good conscience, even complain about the rain.

Nor could we build a fire.

Putting up tents at our church campout.

Earlier this year my niece Arianna, her husband Micah, and their two children (Oakely and Royce) moved to Washington. It has been fun spending time with their little family. So much fun, in fact, that we invited them to come along on our church campout. Great idea, right?

Yes. Until it rained all night and then rained all the next day. Taking two toddlers tent camping for the first time ever and having it rain…then being wet and drizzly all day, made it challenging. There was zero lying in the sun and relaxing, swimming in the lake, or going to the playground.

Royce at the church campout.

Isn’t Royce adorable?

Oakely explores a raindrop.

Oakley learned all about precipitation, the velocity of raindrops, and the fun of sleeping in a tent.

Royce at the church campout.

Royce ended up covered in dirt, just as little boys (and girls) should be.

Enoch and Emma at the church campout.

Enoch and Emma came along for the trip too…but they are so in love they probably thought it was warm and sunny all weekend.

Oakley playing in the rocks.

The best part about spending time with kids outdoors is seeing them explore, learn, and have fun without toys. Who needs toys when you are surrounded by rocks, leaves, and dirt?

Micah taking the kids on a walk.
Arianna and Royce at the church campout.

It was a campout to rememeber, that’s for sure.

Now that we are home, it is hot and sunny again.

Of course.

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