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The Key to Good Parenting

Hey friends, I’m taking a bit of time off to spend with my family. I will be re-posting a few of my most popular posts until I return. I hope you enjoy them!

Consistency is the key to good parenting

Consistency is the key to good parenting, am I right? Set limits, and keep your children within them. Have clearly defined rules, and enforce them. Encourage the good behavior and discourage the negative. It’s all rather simple, isn’t it? It is the way we parented for well over a decade. Everyone went to bed at the same time and everyone ate the same meals. Those days are long gone, replaced with (it often seems) a different set of rules for each child. Then we added children with special needs, which makes consistency (in the traditional sense) impossible.

And it isn’t easy.

Bedtime is Bedtime:

Back in the day, when we had ten under ten, people used to ask how I did it…

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