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Using Technology to Homeschool with Hearing Loss

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Technology enables me to homeschool my daughter with hearing loss.

It’s that time of year. Like it or not, I am planning our upcoming homeschool year. In theory this would be the Easiest Year Ever. Enoch will be headed off to Running Start so it is just Kalina I need to plan for. Planning for Kalina’s homeschool year however means learning to use technology to homeschool with hearing loss. 

This year I am determined to be on top of things. Figuring out a system to plan and organize my homeschool year has been life-changing. I still use this system but I have work harder to find methods that work with Kalina’s hearing loss. And it has not been easy. 

A few things I have learned about teaching a student with hearing loss:

Kalina learns best with both visual and auditory input.

A math class with a math teacher is essential (not a computer program or me).

Our plan for homeschooling with hearing loss this year is:

Plan out my entire year and print up assignments (I am nearly done with this!)

Use movies and documentaries to cover history and social studies.

Have Kalina take a math class outside the home.

A custom made Language Arts class taught by me.

Technology enables me to homeschool my daughter with hearing loss.

Now here is the detailed plan to homeschool with hearing loss:

Language Arts

I am using two main resources with Kalina this year.

The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier and Hands-On Essays.

In order to streamline things, I broke the Curious Case down by chapter; one chapter every two weeks and the appendix. I wrote out the full 16 weeks worth of lesson plans (you can download them here if you like). Once Kalina has finished those 16 weeks, I will have her work through Hands-On Essays.

What I love about Hands-On Essays is she can watch the videos and then read the lesson in the  book enabling her to get both auditory and visual lessons.

That will give us 32 weeks of Language Arts. The other 8 weeks will be a poetry unit. 

 Supercharged Science

Supercharged Science is an amazing hands-on science program that I discovered years ago (2006 maybe?) It is taught by a homeschool mom and former scientist for NASA. Each and every unit is made up of videos and actual science experiments. I guarantee you there is no time for your child to get bored with this program. 

We will be starting with Marine Biology (one lesson per week) and moving though as many units as we can. Supercharged Science has years worth of lessons, so there is no need to worry that she might run out.

My detailed plan is to have each week’s assignments laid out. Because of my other children with special needs I am often away at appointments. I need Kalina to be able to do her assignments without asking me about every step. Technology is helping with that. 

Technology enables me to homeschool my daughter with hearing loss. Hewlett Packard 360 convertible laptop.

Our biggest change this year is to give Kalina her own laptop. I got this The computer at Walmart. This is perfect for her writing assignments and her watching her science and language arts videos. 

The Hewlett Packard 360 Convertible PC allows my daughter to take her computer anywhere. It has 360 hinges and a touch screen!

Why the Hewlett Packard 360?

The 360 degree hinges and touch screen mean she can use it as a tablet or a computer. This will be perfect for watching her science and language arts videos. HP’s all new computers come with HP audio boost to deliver rich sound. Switching between the modes is as easy and seamless as using a tablet. 

Technology enables me to homeschool my daughter with hearing loss. Hewlett Packard 360 convertible laptop.

The computer is very light weight and has a long-lasting batteries. Perfect for our days of homeschooling in coffee shops! 

We now have just under a month before school begins. As always I feel mixed: excited to start the new year and sad to say good-bye to summer.

Have an HP laptop you love? Be sure and share the love and and your story. Reviews help everyone make better buying decisions. 


  1. Dorothy

    My kids go back to school next Monday! Argh! Our high schools in this county have semester long classes. They finish up an entire year of math, history, etc in 1 semester by having only 4 classes a day, 90+ minutes long. They found that when we have Christmas break and then go back to school for 2 weeks before finals, the kids did poorly. By starting early, they hope that kids will do better on final exams and state testing. Also half the year will be done before Christmas. 🙂

    • Renee

      Best of luck! My kids don’t start until September first, and Kalina will likely start the same day…though we may start out at a coffee shop 🙂

    • Renee

      I haven’t every year, but it makes things go so much more smoothly! Especially since I am often away at appointments for my other kids with special needs.

  2. Maureen Sklaroff

    Great post! I came over here to see your post after you mentioned it on the SoFab community, but lo and behold we also homeschool, my son is in Running Start also, and I suffer from hearing loss caused by an AI disease! (and I am a member of Sfab too, obviously, so we have a lot in common). These HP’s look really cool, I didn’t know they had 360 degree hinges on any computers – what a great feature! Thanks for sharing!

    • Renee

      Thank you! We have even more in common, I saw on your blog you live in Seattle. I am just up in Bellingham. It nice to “meet” you!

  3. segal12

    I am so so curious about supercharged science. i wonder how much effort the parent has to put into assembling the materials. How do you handle that?

    • Renee

      We initially bought the program years ago and with it purchased all the supplies (I think it was called a Diamond membership or something) so we have the supplies. Having said that, I think with a little bit of planning, this would be very worthwhile and there would not be too much searching for supplies; more a matter of being prepared.

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