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Jubilee @ Old Navy {Happy Birthday}

{Thank you for all of your input on the new blog name. A few people asked why I don’t/didn’t just go with little earthling (dot) com. I would love to be able to switch to that, but the domain is already taken. The other alternative (which I am still toying with) is to simply combine the blogs (business and personal) under: I do own that domain name. I have two hesitations: 1) I am afraid it will seem “unprofessional” to potential clients to have all of my quirky stories and family snapshots on the blog and 2) the name, obviously, screams photography which is not what my family blog is primarily about. On the flip side, people already association Little Earthling Photography with me…so that might me good. Thoughts??? Please leave a comment. I really want to resolve this before I leave for New Zealand! You, my friends, are what make this blog community so fun….I would love to hear what you think.}

old navy, girl's fashion, large family, large family blogJubilee recently turned eleven and we had a small party for her actual birthday…her big gift from me and Chuck was a shopping trip to the mall to buy new clothes. Jubilee missed our planned shopping day last week when our appointment at Seattle Children’s was delayed. She was understandably disappointed, but took it in stride. Yesterday when we went we brought grandma along with us and had lunch at Olive Garden afterward, so it all worked out in the end.

old navy, girl's fashion, large family, large family blog

Jubilee had been eyeing boots similar to this online and was thrilled to find these in her size. old navy, girl's fashion, large family, large family blog

That’s my girl, searching the clearance racks!old navy, girl's fashion, large family, large family blog

Trying on clothes (the pink shirt).old navy, girl's fashion, large family, large family blog

Jubilee’s shopping bag!

In the end she purchased: her boots, two pair of jeans, one pair of Khaki pants, the pink shirt, a cloth bag and a blue shirt (pictured below) from Crazy 8. old navy, girl's fashion, large family, large family blogAnd here’s one of the outfits she picked out. Please excuse her less-thank-thrilled look. Although you can’t see it in the pic, it was actually raining out. 

It is so cute to see her developing her own sense of style.



  1. Melpub

    I am of the it-ain’t-broke-why-fix-it school. Call me curmudgeon, but I always thought your original title so delightfully original and eccentric and MEMORABLE that I just don’t see why you’d want to change it. The folks who love your photography business seem to be happy with the name . . .

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Melpub- for clarification, which name do you feel is original? Little Earthling? Or Baker’s Dozen? Unfortunately, over the years I have found there are many, many blogs with the name “baker’s dozen” in it…As far as Little Earthling…that I LOVE. I also currently *hate* having one child’s name in the title…and think he may not appreciate that as he gets older…

  2. Ssmazzon

    Adorable! I am trying to be positive about blog name change.i even waited a day and thought about it. Coffee and comps doesn’t do it for me personally. Is copy’s a nonsense word? U have an awesome blog and a wonderful family……but new name is not my fav. I will support whatever u decide in the end and I pray for Apollo daily.

  3. Liz

    I also LOVE the original Bakers Dozen but see where you are coming from. Since I don’t blog I don’t know all the ins and out I am only commenting form a reader perspective.

    I think changing it to that Dino name is too far off your other names. Plus I don’t like it. Just being

    If you are giving us the choice of leaving it C and C or “Little earthlingphotography” I would pick the latter. I would say most everyone who reads this blog knows you are a photographer. Little Earthling sounds SO much more organic to me. I LOVE drinking coffee, but when I see a Blog with the name “coffee” in it I immediately think of “come sit down and chat”. Those are usually blogs where they are having these deep discussions/debates. Not a huge fan. I know your content won’t change…its just where my mind goes with the word “coffee” being associated with a blog.

    Your blog is more about Apollo and the day to day stuff. I don’t think leaving his name in the name of the blog is that awful. If he gets older and protests deal with it then.I mean you need to clarify how many kids you have if that if the route you’re going. I guess you could call it “Bakers Dozen Plus One” “Bakers Dozen..and Another” “Bakers Dozen Plus a doughnut hole” or something like that.Kidding on the last one.

    Could you combine the 2 sites? Have this the main site and people click on
    “photography” if that is what they are seeking or maybe vice versa? It’s hard since that is your business. you want to do it right. I assume most of your clients know about this blog anyhow. I could be wrong. I guess I think of this type of business as more of a “word of mouth” business that needs a web site. Again I probably am

  4. Emily

    I like Coffee and Compys 🙂 But it is a big a change – but it’s got to happen at some point!

    How about Fourteen Little Earthlings? Ties it in with your photography business nicely, but without needing to share a domain name?

  5. Kristal

    You know, I don’t normal weigh in on name topics because I have quite the trouble coming up with ones. While I love the idea of Coffee and Compys I have trouble knowing how to say the second word correct. Will others? Since you were looking to simplify to attend a blog conference, will this be a problem? I loved your explanation of what it is and I’ve thought of it off and on since you posted.

    I agree that combining your business and personal page could be odd and why I don’t do it. But some variation of little earthing might be better.

    My two cents. I’ll still visit no matter what you change it too. 😉

  6. jessilee82

    I don’t think combining your professional photography blog with your life blog is a good idea, just because one day you’ll expand beyond readership base(if you haven’t already) but I like keeping it kid count specific. Like 14 little earthlings or similar. Good luck, it’s a big decision!

    • Laurie

      .US can’t be used. It’s actually another form of .gov and was used for years, it’s rarely used now but can only be used by government corps. Or a business that has a direct connection to the gov.

  7. Liz

    Take a look at the blog “5 boys + 1 girl=6” She also is a photographer. under that title of her blog it says ( maybe something like that?
    There is a link like i envision at the top that then directs you to her Facebook page,Etsy, Instagram etc

  8. Meg

    Hi, I don’t normally comment but just wanted to throw in a couple more ideas! 🙂

    While I don’t think it’s necessarily a good idea to completely combine your photography blog with your family blog (for much the same reasons you listed above). Have you considered a domain name which is similar enough for people to easily see the connection such as littleearthingstories or littleearthlingfamily or even just

    Not sure exactly which domain names are likely to be free but hopefully you understand the gist of my idea!

  9. Michele P

    I’ll be around no matter what! helpful, aren’t I? 😉
    Have a wonderful time on your trip! We are living vicariously through you on this one!

  10. Jean

    You come up on page two in the search results for the keywords “baker’s dozen” without the quotes. I would leave that alone. Don’t rock the boat. Also, never mix business with personal. Leave the photography site separate. Did you take the ads off your site? I don’t see them any more.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      No, I didn’t remove the ads. As far as mixing the two, many photographer friends feel like it is a good idea since as a custom photographer you are selling yourself as much as your photography style.

  11. Meghan

    I will be honest since it seems like you are soliciting opinions. Obviously we will all continue to love your blog no matter what it is called, but I really don’t like the name coffee and compys. First of all, its such a big change from any kind of title or words that are already associated with your blog, and I also think that “coffee and…” sounds so cliche.

    I think the idea above, “14 Little Earthlings” is such a great idea! or if that is available.

    Just my opinion, will keep reading eitehr way!

  12. Economies of Kale

    To me Coffee and Compys sounds like coffee and competitions, which could be confusing.

    I agree having one child’s name in the blog name isn’t great, but really like the name Fourteen Little Earthlings that was suggested above.

  13. Sarah

    I like the reference to your large family in your blog name, that is why I like to follow your stories. I am drawn to blogs whose name describes a bit about the content. You are not a coffee or dinosaur blog! XIVlittleearthlings is cool if you want your photography reference. I like it because it refers to your large family. I love your blog whatever it’s called!

  14. Carrie G

    I’m one of those who hardly EVER comments – just a lurker, I suppose, but I agree with the majority of comments – coffee and.. is cliche and it seems like you’d have to explain the compy thing all the time! Just kind of weird – and such a departure from your current title. I like the twist on little earthling – makes a lot more sense for long time readers and would be easy to tell new readers – no spelling or mispronunciation issues.
    Also, I’d love to see a blog post on how you and Chuck have handled guardianship for your children. We have 5 -and have not healthy parents, siblings who would not raise our children in as strong a faith as we would like, friends who already have 4 or 5 the same ages as ours – who’s left? I think it would be interesting to read both what you have decided and what your readers have chosen. I hope The Lord gives you peace about what name to choose. Blessings, Carrie

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Guardianship was simple, one of my brothers and his wife have agreed to raise our children if something were to happen to us. And I am pretty sure they sigh with relief each time another one turns 18! Out of my two brothers, we chose the one we have most in common with and the one that is a bit more laid back…We feel like both sets of parents are too old to raise children again and at the time we made the decision, Chuck’s siblings were unmarried- along with the fact that they are all Canadian and our children (except for Tilly) are all American.

  15. Rebekah

    Welllllll, since you asked … add me to the (growing) list of readers who doesn’t prefer the coffee and compys title. It would need to be explained at least 20 times a day, the reference is pretty obscure, not terribly memorable, and, while it may be special to your family, if you’re trying to “sell” a brand, stick with something that people already know/love about you. Alas, I’ll keep reading no matter what you decide … that’s just my proverbial 2 cents. ( ;

  16. Inga

    I like little earthling or the suggestions up above. I don’t favour the new name, but I love your content, so I’ll keep reading either way.

  17. Sam

    Ooh, very stylish, Jubilee! Happy Birthday 🙂 As for the new name…I’m not creative enough to think of one but personally I think Coffee and Compy’s might be a bit strange since you don’t really blog about coffee all that much?

  18. Laurie

    Blog names:

    Blessedbywaiting (waiting is hard, but it’s given you answers about apollo and your family)

    HospitalChairs (another version of the above)

    Themothership(how you are always driving…and how its about mothership



    PatientEarthlings (many meanings from patient. Also could make it PatientEarthling, dropping the S but keeping the meaning)



    Okay, those are my ideas for now!

    (E-mail is real below)

  19. Liz

    When you do write another post Renee I am super curious if you thought most people would get the Compy’s reference. Just curious. Or if it was supposed to be intriguing and you would have had an explanation on the side.

    I am curious that since it is such a funny joke in your family and you mentioned Jurassic Park(which I have not read nor seen) if you assumed most people would “get” the reference.

    I am curious if you are a bit surprised at how many people are saying they don’t care for that name?

    I am sure you were planning on sharing anyhow. Maybe you are thankful you asked? It’s funny as I came on here to apologize on the post before this for saying I didn’t care for the name. It sounded like you had made up your mind with your son making a Logo and everything. I felt after thinking it over it was rude to express I didn’t care for it.

    I was surprised to see a new discussion on the topic mixed with in with Jubilee’s Shopping spree. Adorable by the way:)

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Liz- No I did not expect most people to get the reference. I expected to work hard on branding…In the header I was (am?) designing I planned to have a definition so that anyone landing on my blog would immediately learn what it meant. I wanted it to pique curiousity.

      I’m not *too* worried about people not *liking* the name. I am an avid blog reader and can’t imagine no longer reading a blog just because I didn’t like the name…especially when the content was the same. The content is what brings me back, not a clever name.

      Having said that, I do need a name that is somewhat easy to say…and a little shorter.

      • Liz

        I agree. i just meant for new readers. The way I found most of my favorite blogs I read was from Circle of Moms contests. There are a few that have names I am just not inspired by and so I didn’t read.
        So even though all of “US” will continue to to read your blog no matter what I would think you would at least give pause at what potential new blog readers would think when they see a name and have no idea what it means. I would never guess from the new proposed name C and C that it was about a large homeschooling Christian family…therefore I wouldn’t even think to look at it if that if what I was looking for. I guess that’s my point. The name doesn’t really give any info that its even about a family.

  20. cindy p

    i know you are already well into process….. but since you are still asking for feedback….;) coffee with compys or compys with coffee….. connects the two in a bit more and adds a little humor spin on the title……

  21. Maddie

    Please don’t combine your personal blog with your professional! It’s so hard to keep track that way! I love that your blogs are separate!

  22. Katie

    I was also thinking of something along the lines of tweaking the little earthling name. Want to reiterate some mentioned above.

    Little earthlings
    Little earthling blog
    Little earthling family
    Little earthling life
    The little earthlings
    Fourteen little earthlings
    XIV little earthlings

    So. Hope that’s helpful. Will definitely still keep coming by and reading. 🙂

  23. Katie

    PS. After having just seen your reply to another post perhaps something shorter could be just

    Compys . Com

    Life with compys

    The compy life

    XIV compys

    It sounds like you really like the compys idea so go with that. 🙂 Just not sure “coffee and compys” works as well. But like you said the name isn’t what brings people back. Good luck!

  24. Elizabeth

    To be honest, Compys makes me think of computers. What if you kept the blogs separate but called your family one Little Earthling Life? When going to your professional site, there could be the option to choose between Little Earthing Photography and Little Earthling Life, or something like that.

  25. Melissa

    I’m with the majority and think “coffee and compys” will come with its own set of issues. have you considered doing or as the address and then you can change the name/title of the blog at will. Several others that I read are like that – = Chasing Rainbows. The blog has changed its name at least once over the years without the address changing. More to consider! I enjoy reading your family’s stories and do appreciate it being separate from the business blog.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Melissa- My issue is *with* the URL…not the name. I don’t want to have print on a business card…it is difficult to read and difficult to type 🙁

      If I combined the two, there would still be no real change in content…I generally share photos here of any clients I am blogging about. Does that make sense?

      • Melissa

        Yes I get that the card needs a shorter handle. I think using your last name is memorable and easily spelled. I would remember bergeron14 or before Then once they get to the site you can have whatever fun title you want and the ability to change it easily

  26. thelovelymessy

    I am not one to weigh into blogger’s brands— but since you asked: I am in the camp that doesn’t particularly care for Coffee and Compy’s. It feels computer-ish (like another commenter mentioned) to me, and the coffee part does feel really cliche. You seem less generic than that. What has always appealed to me, as a blog reader of yours for years, is your unique yet down to earth view on parenting and life. Something more organic feels more like the person you’ve presented on the blog, if that makes sense. Little earthlings works for that reason. I would keep the personal and business blogs separate,but use the same concept. I liked another persons idea of littleearthlingphotography for the business and for the family blog myownlittleearthings or 14littleearthlings. Keep them similar but keep them separate.

  27. sarah

    I liked the story about compys if that counts. :). It is odd, and difficult to relate coffe and dinos together. I would recommend leaving your business and personal seperate. For me i would worry about saying something and a client thinking i ment them.

  28. Kris

    This may have already been suggested (as I haven’t read through all the comments word for word), but what about A Baker’s Dozen Plus One (or some permutation of ‘plus one’)? Just throwing it out there! Good luck on whatever you decide..I will continue to read and enjoy your blog, regardless of its title!

    • Liz

      yeah thats what i said..or “A Bakers Dozen and a Doughnut Hole” or A Bakers Dozen + 1 ” or…but Apollo won’t be a young in’

      • Liz

        But It would make it a bit shorter and take out apollos name which I thought you were leaning towards plus all those Roman numerals. A lot of people do not know their Roman numerals. Lol. ” a bakers dozen plus one” is easier to remember than your current blog name

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