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I Was Wrong: Experiencing Junior High Basketball

4th of july in a large family.

I Was Wrong: Experiencing Junior High Basketball

Remember last year when I told you Cross Country was the Best Sport Ever? Mainly because you can park yourself in a seat and read until the last 5 minutes when your child crosses the finish line and you can smile, cheer, and Be Proud?

Yeah. Turns out I was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

I discovered this sad fact on cold, rainy, morning here in the Pacific Northwest when we loaded up the family (what fun!) to all go support our two cross country runners, Hezekiah and Tucker. Sadly, I did not take into account that having two runners, one in junior high and one in high school would extend our time in the rain exponentially.

We went. We froze. We got wet. We cheered. We were hungry. Did I mention we were cold?

Yes, I learned, cross country is not The Best Sport Ever after all. If you want to see us suffering, check out my September Wrap-Up Vlog at the end of this post.

Why junior high basketball might be the best sport ever.

Junior high basketball? Well, that’s another story altogether.

Five Awesome Things About Junior High Basketball

  1. Practice is right after school. Tucker can ride the late bus home.
  2. I only had to provide new shoes for this sport.
  3. All games take place inside. Never (ever) will I have to sit in the rain, in a foggy campground, for hours, to watch him play.
  4. Our next door neighbor also plays basketball, so sometimes he can get a ride home from games.
  5. The season is short.

Why junior high basketball might be the best sport ever.

I case you can’t tell, Tucker is number 4. Tucker has always been one of our most outgoing, active, kids. He is an extrovert for sure. He is a natural leader, excels in school, and thrives on competition.

And finally, our latest vlog! I was having trouble with some of my equipment, but here is a recap of September in our large family. If you just want to watch our rainy cross-country misadventure, start at 4:53 but if you do that, you will miss out on our dance party!


  1. Melissa Harolds

    I LOVE basketball! It is absolutely the best sport ever. Well, if you have a girl…volleyball is pretty awesome too! Indoor, climate controlled bliss!! We live in the deep south so heat and mosquitoes are always an issue. I have a daughter who played junior high, high school and now college basketball. College sports are even better because we can get most of her games streamed right to our TV. Watch from the comfort of my own home? Yes, thank you very much!! I have a boy playing his second year of junior high basketball. It really is a fantastic sport and all the family can go cheer in comfort.

    • Renee

      Chuck said last night (at Tucker’s home game) that the buzzer was reason enough to avoid the games. LOL. And I decided watching my son play basketball is not exactly good for my stress levels 😉

  2. Peg

    Our three oldest children played soccer. Starting when they were around 5yrs (at community centers) and through 8th grade. I found out that the only time a soccer game is called because of the weather is if the sun is shining. (Being a bit sarcstic here.)

    • Renee

      Soccer? That’s a literal nightmare here. We live in a temperate rainforest, and I think sun is the only reason they call a game here as well.

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