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Job Corps {Update}

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Keziah 19

Keziah came home for  visit this weekend. It was wonderful to have her joyous laughter in the house again. She and Adalia are quite the lively pair, let me tell you.

 Keziah is currently working on her GED and training for Business (this may change as Job Corps lets them try out several trades). Boaz (17) is also working toward his GED and training in Carpentry- especially meaningful as this is what his father in Liberia did. Boaz wants to eventually train in Medical Assisting, but needs to earn his GED first.

Keziah said they are “very strict” when it comes to being places on time. This is a skill we worked on for years here at our house, but I suppose it is more effective when it comes from someone other than Mom and Dad and their are painful consequences. 

I asked Keziah to write down her three favorite and three worst things about Job Corps so I could share them here. This is what she wrote:

My three favorite things about Job Corps is: job skills, dressing appropriately and being on time. My three very worst things about Job Corps: sexual harassment, bad languages and disobedience. 

Boaz and Keziah have seen several people get kicked out of Job Corps for breaking the rules. Talk about real life training!

Ezra (19) decided to attend another year of High School and says he plans to go to Job Corps next year. He is currently doing half a day at school and half a day doing vocational training. For those of you new here, he has moved out and lives about 15 minutes from us. 

Thanks for all the thoughts and input about Facebook…it’s always interesting to hear other people’s perspective. If you haven’t already, go check out the comments from yesterday’s post.


  1. joabair

    I have missed these three of yours on your blog, so I know you miss them terribly at home. the picture of Keziah is lovely! I am glad that they all have the opportunity to move ahead into adulthood with some extra training, it must be difficult to come to a new country later in childhood.

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