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My Kid is Afraid of Spiders

My kid is afraid of spiders because of Halloween.

My kid is afraid of spiders because of Halloween.Do you have any idea how many times a day a six-year-old can see a spider?

Feel a spider crawling on him? Think about spiders? I do.

Five thousand four hundred and sixty-seven. And a half.

Do  you know how I know this? Because Apollo woke up yesterday morning (the day after Halloween) suddenly terrified of spiders. Yep. He sees them on the floor. On the furniture. On his clothes. Yesterday while waiting for the bus he was staring intently at the leaves which carpet our yard and driveway, watching out for spiders. 

Yes, I hate Halloween.

My kid is afraid of spiders...but I make a darn good chili

Do you have any idea how happy it makes me that my sixteen-year-old son loves my homemade chili?

He was so excited yesterday when he saw what was for dinner…he enthusiastically said, “If there are any leftovers, I’m taking to school for lunch!” And that, my friends, is why he is my favorite child. 

Did you know homemade chili is so cheap it is practically free? This all-time favorite meal of my man-sized child consisted of:

3 cups of dry beans (pinto, kidney, and navy)

2 cans of tomato sauce

Franks Hot Sauce

Garlic Salt

Beef Soup Base

Taco Seasoning

Cook the beans to your Instant Pot for an effortless dinner. Add cheese and sour cream and you are set.

Be sure and read my review of this Pioneer Woman 12-Quart Stock Pot over at Large Family Reviews.

Did you know Apollo just had his four year anniversary for his double aortic arch revision at Texas Children’s Hospital?

I didn’t have it in me to relived those memories and do an anniversary post this year. 

Even four years later it is difficult to watch this video. Friday Apollo has an appointment a surgeon to come up with a plan to remove his g-tube. I am excited and a bit nervous. I don’t ever want to relive the days of watching my son shrink and starve with no way to feed him

Happy Day After the Day After Halloween. 

May your day be sweet and spider-free.

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  1. thissquirrelsnest

    We had the year of ant fear which drove me insane. We sometimes have lots of ants getting into our house, cue shrieking 7 thousand times a day. There wasn’t enough coffee to calm my nerves. We got an ant farm and that went a long way towards curing ant fear. Of course by that time I’d had an exterminator out and had to *mail order ants*.

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