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Quick Apollo Fix

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For the blog readers who requested it. It had been, you know, days since I posted a picture of Apollo and I've had several requests from readers. 

And while we're talking about Apollo, the second round of antibiotics seem to have done the trick. He is much better. His cheeks are still a bit red and scratchy, but are looking much better as well. 

The only remaining problems are his sleep and weight gain. I weighed him on Monday and he was up an ounce and a half. Yay! I weighed him yesterday and he was back down that ounce and a half. He still weighs less then he did at four months and only nine ounces more than he did at three months. 

He lost weight when he was sick, of course. And he is a very, very active baby, so he burns a lot of calories. Because he isn't gaining weight though, I am nursing him frequently at night. Like every time he wakes up, which is at least every two hours. If he doesn't start to put on weight soon, I'll be taking him to my midwife who is also an Naturopathic doctor and see if she has any suggestions.



  1. Carolynn Slocum

    You might remember the issues Liberty had gaining weight, once we gave a bottle a day of fresh goat’s milk she started getting the little round chubby cheeks.

  2. SS Mazzon

    He is too cute. My second was a very active baby, toddler and still an active boy. He was never one to put on much weight. WE have even seen a pediatric endocrinologist due to slow growth. There is nothing wrong with him except a fast motor. He is skinny and fine. Pray for Apollo’s weight gain, see your midwife in necessary, but don’t panic. He is a beautiful perfect baby.

  3. Lara

    My oldest, twins, had a hard rime gaining at that age and I found eating good fats myself helped my breast milk as well as adding coconut and olive oils to their homemade baby food. Good luck, he is gorgeous!!!

  4. Sophie

    It may just be time to introduce solids… (btw in other countries solid are introduced at 4 months old so I can testify that those babies are not more fragile or even susceptible to allergies!)

  5. Fisherman Frog

    awww too cute thanks, he makes me automatically smile just like my little one does, hope he gets back to 100% soon were on antibiotics right now too for nasty ear infection that wont stay away.

  6. Jo

    you should ask her about slippery elm gruel in some cereal or baby food or something. Its an amazing trick to help preemies grow. I knew it to work on people, and I use it myself when my husband deploys bc I drop weight so so fast at first from stress. The slippery elm came to my mind from a sick slower growing baby goat, and it worked wonders with oatmeal! I knew a woman with twin preemies and her naturopathic doctor is the one who suggested this and that was my first experience with it. It may really help out! He is surely adorable though…glad he is feeling better. I agree with the commenter on fats, that helped my son, and also about the solids. German doctors said intro solids at 4 mo, do not wait. We did and it was wonderful! Good sleep at nite, and never had allergies.

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