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Attack of the Wasps and an Update on Apollo

The other day as we headed out of the house to run some errands, I suddenly remembered I had forgotten my phone. I asked Judah to run in and get it. His running, it seems, disturbed a nest of hornets or wasps that had taken up residence on our back deck. Enoch yelled, “It’s bees!” and I looked over in time to see Judah doing the very distinct getting-stung-by-something-nasty dance. Into the van he hopped, just as a huge welt began to swell up on his temple. I only got a few yards before he yelled out. He had unknowingly transported another of the creatures into the van- it had hitched a ride on the inside of his sleeve. Ouch. With a little encouragement we managed to let the critter out and get on with our day. When we got home I took this photo. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you a good idea of its size. This thing is huge– bigger than a basketball and we had no idea it was there before this week.

Update on Apollo:

I received a call from Texas Children’s Hospital this morning. There is a surgeon there who would like to see Apollo. He’s not sure that Apollo’s case is even operable, but wants to have his CT scan and Upper GI redone since Apollo’s are five months old. Our cardiologist  recommended not redoing any test here since he was sure the new surgeons would want them done at their facility anyway. This makes total sense to us, which is why we are sort of at a standstill with Apollo.

The doctor in Texas would like us to fly down the week of October 22, re-do some tests, evaluate him, talk with us, and if he believes he can help, do surgery the following week. We like this situation better than the doctor in Boston who already has a surgical plan in place. I mean, I’m sure they’d redo tests and evaluate him before they moved forward but having heart surgery done for a second time, we’re much more cautious this time. We didn’t meet the surgeon who did Apollo’s surgery until 24 hours before it was done. We were a bit uncomfortable with this, but it is and was all so new to us. Perhaps that’s standard procedure, I still don’t know. We’re a bit wiser and more cautious this  time around. And Apollo’s case is much more complicated.

Here’s a little something you may not know, I know we didn’t before we were thrust into the world of congenital heart defects…a cardiologist is the doctor who oversees your child’s heart, but it is a cardiothoracic surgeon who actually operates. This may seem unimportant to you, but I tell you to help you understand it can be complicated when you are talking to your cardiologist about your child’s heart, then to the cardiothoracic surgeon who is doing the surgery, and may have a slightly different take on things.

I specifically asked whether or not this doctor, Dr. M, had re-done a surgery like this. The woman from Texas insisted to me he had- after stressing how very rare it is to have to re-operate. Chuck and I both like that this surgeon seems to be more cautious than the one in Boston.

A possible hang up here is, Texas Children’s Hospital doesn’t take our insurance. Apollo’s case manager has assured us this isn’t necessarily a problem- that can make a deal with the hospital and doctor on a case-by-case basis. The problem is, she’s out of her office until Monday and I am supposed to call Texas back tomorrow. We’re just not sure how soon we should jump into this.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to talk to a cardiothoracic surgeon at Seattle Children’s Hospital. We hope to get a better understanding of what his take on Apollo’s heart is.

As always, thoughts and prayers are always welcome!



  1. Aaron Stevens

    Woah!!! was that on the roof by the front deck?? ouch, I assume he’s not allergic.

    That’s great you have heard from a Doctor that seems to know what they are doing…will continue to Pray for wisdom for you and the Doctors, and for Apollo too 🙂

  2. Jessica

    I understand your hesitation about insurance/Texas. Since things feel more comfortable with the Texas doc, I would say call them, tell them you want to but you’re working on insurance and won’t know more until Monday. I’m sure they’ll understand. Then, put it in God’s hands. He will help you.

  3. Melissa Knox-Raab

    I hope you find a doctor whom you love and trust within the first handshake. With wasps and bee stings: you probably already know this, but putting half an onion on it right after the sting helps draw the poison out.

  4. Liz

    Wow…we have so many wasps and hornets where we live…not so many honey bees..we always have little nests under the lip of the deck railing..the kids always sit or stand on the wrap around bench and have their fingers under’s amazing that no one has ever been stung..

    I find dead hornets in my car all the time…in our apt they would build nests in the exterior mirrors and in the engine…so gross..also in the crux of all the screens that lined at the time parker window…I remember him being 18 mo and hearing him say “bee..bee” I assumed it was a fly…nope..wasps in-between the window and screen..I felt like we lived in a horror show..the guy would take dozens of nests off the roof every stings

    I have seen Texas Children’s on that show on TLC “The Little Couple” ..Jen Arnold is a dr in the neonatal intensive care unit. My husband is always impressed at all they have at that hospital per the show. the teaching modules etc…really impressive. Texas is a flight away. I pray the insurance can get worked out so you can at least go see. It is hard….I have patients all the time who don’t realize their GI Dr wont be doing their surgery, but a General Surgeon will..and yes they often don’t meet until soon before.

    Seeing as you knew about Appolo’s surgery I am surprised they didn’t have you make an appointment before to meet him. You probably would have to request it. Crazy I know. Prayers

  5. Katherine

    I have used Tx. Childrens for diagnosing what we thought were developmental delays. They were absolutely wonderful. Our pediatrician is part of their network too. Can’t say enough good things about them.

    I’ll pray that you find the right doctor for Apollo.

  6. Kris

    Wow — that’s one big wasp nest! We had one earlier in the summer under our deck on the south side, but it wasn’t that big! We’ve had ‘pest’ problems from the day we moved in and use Bio Bug on a fairly regular basis. I highly recommend them if you ever need this level of service (we’ve definitely had an ‘uptick’ in mice since losing our kitty last year :-(). Re Apollo, this may be completely irrelevant to your situation, but I noted with interest the keynote speaker for an organization I have a loose association with, so am just passing this along FYI:! I immediately thought of you and Apollo when I read this item, though I couldn’t recall if Boston was one of the hospital’s you are exploring.

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