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Hot Chocolate Bar and Christmas Movie

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Hot chocolate bar and Christmas Movie Night

Last night was our annual Hot Chocolate Bar and Christmas Movie night. This is a relatively new tradition for us (this is just year number four) but one we all love. This tradition is still growing and changing in our house. We don’t have TV (just a  DVD player) so we haven’t seen most of the Christmas movies out there. This means there is always something new to watch, but makes it difficult to choose a movie (since I don’t even know what Christmas movies exist). 

Hot chocolate bar

You, readers, came to the rescue again with great suggestions. We settled on Unaccompanied Minors. It tells the story of a bunch of kids who are stuck in the airport over Christmas when flights are cancelled due to a blizzard. I chose this one because 1) I wanted our movie to be light-hearted and funny (not too serious) and 2) our kids are world travelers and we have sent them as unaccompanied minors more than once, so thought it would be a good fit for our family.

We enjoyed this movie, but five years ago it would not have passed muster in our house. It contains: disrespectful and bratty children…but they come around and end up becoming friends with the adults they were initially rude to, they become more respectful and grow up a bit in the process. And of course learn “the true meaning of Christmas”…which in  this movie was “family is more important than stuff” not “the birth of Christ”. The whole point of the this night for us as a family is the HAVE FUN not “learn the true meaning of Christmas”, so we were good with it. This is not a movie I personally want to own, but certainly enjoyed it. It had enough slapstick humor to keep even five-year old Apollo entertained.


Our downstairs is not pretty, so it is always a bit of a challenge to make it look nice for our hot chocolate bar…I’m learning though (beauty is often in the details) and this year covered the surface of our desk with a  strip of wrapping paper. Then I added:

Chalkboard easel (Kalina did the decorating and writing)

Cute plates, cups and napkins

Mini battery operated twinkle lights

We used this shiny cookie sheet to place our toppings on. I covered half pint mason jars with some Christmas themed washi tape and filled them with:

mini marshmallows

crushed Andes mints and

chocolate shavings

In the shakers we had red sprinkles and cinnamon to shake over whipped cream. 

To the tray I added mini candy canes…the adorable penguin family? That was actually Apollo’s idea! He’s definitely got a flair for decorating and themed parties. 

hot chocolate bar

The letter cookies came from Trader Joe’s and Tilly was the one who spelled out Merry Christmas. 

Today we will decorate Christmas cookies and just soak up each other. It is so nice to be on Christmas break. I have been sleeping in (no setting my alarm for 6 am), we are baking and planning for Christmas day….and just enjoying being together as a family.

 What are you doing this week? How are you celebrating Christmas?


  1. Emily G

    It is fun to see the things other families do to make Christmas special.
    I canned 19 pints of cranberry sauce last night. Great Christmas activity, right? It was most emphatically not part of my plan for this week, but my mom got me 12 pounds of cranberries on clearance for 30c/pound and they wouldn’t fit in my freezer. So…
    My actual plans (which I’m following) are finishing a few handmade gifts for my children, yesterday we made gingerbread men and decorated them, reading Christmas books. No fire to sit by though because it’s in the 60s here in Indiana! We were outside soaking up the sun today. Our nativity scene is up, just waiting for Baby Jesus on Christmas Eve night. The children helped me decorate it this year with pine cones, rocks, greenery and other interesting natural tidbits we found on our farm. We are taking our six, six and under to Midnight Mass this year because apparently we are gluttons for punishment. :-/
    Wishing all of you a beautiful Christmas!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Well…I don’t envy your time spent canning, but I do love cranberries, so I’m a tad jealous 🙂 Midnight Mass…I don’t think I could manage with small children. Good for you, though!

  2. Karla

    Christmas Movie Recommendations …Eloise at Christmas…Arthur Christmas…Elf…Scrooge(Musical with Albert Finney)…Home Alone(just the first one)

  3. childlanguagedevelopment

    I moved back into my house today (after it was gutted for emergency floor repairs). I have a gorgeous new kitchen and floors and paint. I also have about fifty large unpacked boxes…in a small apartment…and ten guests coming over in 12 hours for lunch. Hahaha! Lucky the true message of Christmas isn’t having a lovely home to entertain in!

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