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Monty is Here!

Monty being weighted shortly after his VBAC.

Montgomery Benedict has arrived! He weighed in at 8 pounds 4 ounces. This makes THREE (kiwi) grandsons for us, and Chuck and I couldn’t be happier.

Daddy cradle's Monty's head as he is weighed after birth.

Little Monty was born on his dad, Ben’s birthday. Not only that, but Ben is a twin so it is a big, ole, triple birthday for the family!

Day old Monty staring at his mama.

Helping out with Monty, taking care of Iris, and chasing after Percy is keeping me very busy. I am editing photos here and there as I can and will share more about the birth and Monty as soon as I can.

Iris nursing Monty shortly after birth.

I also have photos from adventures that Iris and I went on before Monty’s birth…so don’t necessarily expect things to be chronological over the next couple of weeks.

Now please excuse me while I sneak in a few more cuddles.



  1. corinne gonz

    My twin granddaughters where born on my son’s 18th birthday so i can understand the 3 celebrating same day. It’s great to be a new grandma anytime. Congrats to al

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