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Pinewood Derby {2012}

Hezekiah, age 7

Well, we did it. We (meaning, of course, Chuck and the kids) managed to get the cars made. And painted. And dried. Even if they did have to spend a bit of time drying in the oven…None of the kids got to decorate the cars the way they would have liked, but they did get cars to race.

Mordecai, age 9

Mordecai did manage a swaggin’ Ninja car…

Chuck felt really bad about not getting to the cars sooner. But it couldn’t be helped. At any rate, they finished six cars. One each for our Cub Scouts, Mordecai and Hezekiah and four “outlaw” cars for: Kalina, Jubilee, Tucker and Apollo.

Tilly helped with registration and assigning car numbers.

Hezekiah and his buddy, Ian.

Grandma came to cheer her Cub Scouts on.

Jubilee and Kalina…two beautiful sisters.

While the Baker’s Dozen cars didn’t claim any prizes, both Mordecai and Hezekiah won a couple of heats.

Tucker would want you to know that his care (yellow) won fourth in the outlaw race…and Apollo’s (the orange) won 5th.

You may want to check out our past Pinewood Derby races: 2011, 2010, 2008. And I know the boys raced in 2007 and 2009 but I can’t find the posts…





  1. Jessica

    You should consider doing a unit study on physics and pine wood derby cars with your older children. In high school, the teacher used pinewood derby cars to teach us a good portion of physics and mathematics. Everyone enjoyed the class and learning about how different designs effect the car.

  2. Susan

    1. You two should get parents of the year.
    2. I wish I could help but live in SC so I will continue to pray for you.
    3. Your mom’s skin is glowing. That’s no fair to us ruddy gals.
    4. This will be a faint memory one day.
    5. Praise the Lord for good appetites and good sleep!
    6. I’m still praying.

  3. Katre Alva

    So how do you feel about arranged marriages? That Hezekiah is a quite the handsome young man and the perfect age for my little….um, yeah, just being silly. Anyway, looks like they had a blast despite the last minuteness of it all. Waiting for the ‘new normal’ to settle into your lives with Apollo’s healing. Loved the shot with the ‘Cruisin’ coffee’ cup….makes me homesick.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Well, Kate, Anika needs to be prepared for him to be away a lot…he’s going to be the first man on Mars, you know…

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