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Cool Stuff Around the Web

Cool stuff from around the web.

I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous. If you don’t like the toy or the packaging, then don’t buy it. If you are a long-time reader, you probably know that I bought my daughter pink LEGO and I’m not sorry. I have also bought my son pink LEGO and my daughters Superhero LEGO. They are toys, people and last time I checked we were allowed to buy (or not buy) whatever we chose for our children. We don’t need to be offended by everything.

On a lighter note, there are some really cool things floating around the internet. 

I am looking forward to the STEM Reads Book Club. I am always looking for new, engaging STEM books for my kids.

This tortellini soup is amazing and you should make it right now. 

Here is an awesome tutorial on how to make a LEGO wall.

Tilly has been blogging about her adventures in New Zealand.

Here are some fire safety tips with a fun downloadable game.

If you think the Elf on the Shelf is as creepy and weird as I do, you should check out the North Pole Ninjas instead

Here is a fun idea about teaching your kids map skills. I can’t wait to try this out.

I really want to buy this MeeperBOT.

LEGO is coming out with a Yellow Submarine set. Seriously, they are nailing this.

Welp, I’m off to plan and execute last week’s canceled birthday party. I hope you have a great electricity filled weekend. 


  1. Kris

    If people are worried about pink Lego being offensive they clearly aren’t paying attention to the election. Not even sure how pink Lego is offensive?

    • Renee

      Pink LEGO is offensive (to some) because it is limiting girls by sending the message they need a pink “girl version” of the toy…and the mini figures are different than the classic LEGO mini figures. I just hope no one tells six-year-old Apollo that LEGO Friends are “girl LEGO” because he loves them and considers them simply a fun addition to his collection.

  2. kris

    We definitely live in a society where people take offense to far to many things. Do not buy the products you do not like. I often wonder how people who do relate to the things that others so vehemently dislike/are offended by feel. The pink LEGO thing is one of them. What about the kids who LIKE them. What about a Mom who is a yoga and smoothly lover. Maybe they want to buy these things. Oy vey. I do not have girls but I am a preschool teacher and therefore interact with many, many young boys and girls. They gravitate towards what they gravitate towards. We have boys who wear the pink and purple tutus with fire hats while they put fires out. We have girls who will not touch anything pink or purple with a ten foot pole.

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