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Kiwis on Mt Baker and Flaming Crimson Pants

Kiwis on Mt. Baker: Jared

Kiwis on Mt Baker and Flaming Crimson Pants

One thing I knew would be on the Must-Do do list when our family visited was a trip to Mt. Baker to see the SNOW. As I’m sure you know, I was born and raised in Alaska. In total, I spent twenty years freezing all winter, hating the darkness, and trying not to die during the five months or so of snow a year (November-March).Kiwis on Mt. Baker

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was even going to head up to Mt. Baker with the fam…but I couldn’t bear to miss out on another day of this. My sweet, sweet, grandson

Percival one year old

My days with this charming brown-eyed fellow were limited and I wanted to squeeze all the love, cuddles, and yes, even tears, out of his visit that I could. So I packed my camera, my kindle, and my hat, and headed up the mountain.

Kiwis on Mt Baker 2018

Let me just say it was COLD outside. It was snowing, the wind was blowing, and even Percy didn’t like the novelty of snow.

Kiwis on Mt. Baker. Percival, Ben and Adalia

Adalia, Jubilee, Percy, and I were outside about 10 minutes while I took photos and we walked to the lodge. That was enough for the three of us.

Kiwis on Mt Baker. Percy Adalia

Kiwis on Mt. Baker Apollo.

Let me just say, Apollo’s expression in this photo pretty much sums up every thought and feeling I have about snow.

Kiwis on Mt. Baker: Jared

Jared LOVED the snow. But he gets comes from a land where Christmas is in the summer and 50 degrees is cold, so what does he know away? And did I mention that today, right now as I type this by the woodstove, he’s enjoying Hawaii?

And as it turns out, Percy loves the sands of Hawaii more than the snows of Mt. Baker.

Smart kid.

Jubilee models chuck's old ski pants.

See these mighty fine ski pants that Jubilee is modeling? They used to belong to Chuck…before we met and when he still had enough money to ski was still an avid skier. Sadly, I’ve never seen Chuck in these Bad Boys…that’s something we all regret, I think. And my husband’s packrat tendencies saved the day…because we have somehow been storing these Flaming Crimson Pants for at least twenty-three years.

My method of managing kid’s clothes meant that we were able to outfit our Kiwis more or less so they could stay somewhat warm and dry on the mountain. This only strengthens Chuck’s argument, “but we might need it someday”.

And you all know I don’t think that argument needs any more strength.

Kiwis on Mt. Baker: Hezekiah and Tucker

Hezekiah and Tucker are crazy enough to go WINTER CAMPING with the Boy Scouts, so a trip up to Mt Baker for a few hours was nothing but fun to them.

Kiwis on Mt Baker: Mordecai and Apollo.


Kiwis on Mt Baker

Apollo, Enoch, Hezekiah, and Tucker.

Kiwis on Mt Baker

And one family portrait in the snow…before they flew off to Hawaii and on to New Zealand.


  1. Erin

    When Australians want a ski holiday guess where they go? New Zealand. We get snow in Aus as well but it’s better and cheaper to go to NZ.

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