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G-Tube Resource Guide for Parents

Ultimate G-Tube Resource Guide for Parents of Medically Complex Kids

My son, Apollo, had a g-tube placed when he was 22 months old. Thankfully we had good friends whose son had a g-tube for nearly three years. They were our main g-tube resource and I was thankful to have them to consult when we had questions. They often offered the little tips and tricks that only a parent of a medically complex kid would know.

Apollo had his g-tube for a total of 4 1/2 years. This post is a compilation of the best g-tube resources I have found over the years. Here you will find links to our own story as well as websites and organizations that will help you on your own journey with a feeding tube. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

Ultimate G-Tube Resource Guide. How to thrive with a g-tube.

A Beginners Guide to G-Tube Resources

G-Tube Placement: Apollo’s Story

Apollo had his g-tube placed at Seattle Children’s Hosptial. The process was a little bumpy and not at all what we expected. I spent my days leading up to the surgery reading every story I could find about g-tube placement.

Going from PEG to Mic-Key

When Apollo had his g-tube placed in 2012 it was Seattle Children’s Hospital policy to first place a PEG then move on to a mic-key 3-4 months later.

The Ultimate Guide to Air Travel with a Disability

Traveling by plane is one of the safest and fastest ways to get to your destination. But crowded airports, long waits at security checkpoints and baggage restrictions can make flying challenging when you have a disability. This post will help you plan your trip and avoid stress.

Feeding Tube Awareness

This site is pretty much the mama of all g-tube resource sites. It is user-friendly and offers a variety of articles on all topics surrounding feeding tubes. This is a great site to refer friends and family to if they have questions about feeding tubes.

Feeding Matters

“Conquering pediatric feeding struggles to nourish healthy futures”. This website covers a spectrum of feeding issues from just being picky to children who have never eaten orally. There is a forum you can join and they share many useful articles.

Feeding Raya {A Girl and Her Tube}

A blog about Raya and her year with a feeding tube. This site is a great g-tube resource and has many personal stories about Raya and her feeding struggles.

Ultimate G-Tube Resource.

G-Tube Resources to Encourage and Inspire Your Child

Tubie Friends

Tubie Friends make stuffed animals with g-tubes, ng-tubes, central IV lines, tracheostomy tubes or oxygen cannulas. Apollo received one just days before his g-tube was placed and love it. It was also a great resource for helping friends and family understand how his g-tube worked.

Boy with feeding pump and Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage

Beads of Courage is a program that provides beads for various medical treatments. Beads of Courage gives children a visual way to tell their individual story. Apollo loves to hear the story of his beads. Beads of Courage also has a sibling program which Apollo’s older brother has really benefitted from.

Jars of Hope

Jars of Hope provides jars full of fun, playful activities for kids struggling with health issues. Apollo received a jar when he had his staph infection and it really was a bright spot during a very difficult time.

Tiny Superheroes

Tiny Superheroes is a website devoted to giving joy and confidence to children who struggle with health issues. They offer adorable superhero capes and have a fun subscription program where kids get monthly missions and earn badges to put on their capes. Apollo is a member of Tiny Superheroes and loves it!

Apollo being fed through his g-tube at the Houston Zoo.

Adjusting to Life with a G-Tube

G-Tube Life

Our first few weeks adjusting to life with a g-tube. I wish I would have had a list of g-tube resources back then.

G-Tube Year One

My thoughts on life after the first year with a g-tube.

What to Do When a G-tube Falls Out

Apollo’s g-tube fell out or was accidentally pulled out at least four times. Most were no big deal but a couple got a little bit hairy.

We have a surgery date for Apollo's g-tube removal. It has been a long four years and we are both eager and nervous about this new development.

Ongoing: Thriving with a long-term feeding tube

What to Pack: Emergency G-Tube Kit

No one wants to be stuck out of the house and be missing one crucial supply. You know how I know? It’s happened to me and I said never again.

Scar Tissue and G-Tube Revision

Apollo struggled with granulation and scar tissue the entire time he had his feeding tube. At one point it was so bad he had to have the scar tissue surgically removed. Thankfully he was already scheduled to have his tonsils out so he didn’t need a separate procedure.

Speech Therapy and Feeding Issues

Things finally began coming together for Apollo when he started speech therapy in kindergarten. That, combined with having his tonsils removed, helped him to eventually eat independently.

Our Experience with a Feeding Clinic {Seattle Children’s Hospital}

Apollo spent more than six months at Seattle Children’s Hospital’s feeding clinic.

Feeding Tubes and the TSA

The time we missed our flight due to my son’s g-tube…because the TSA agent was convinced he found “explosive residue” on my hands.

I Quit: Raising a Child with Complex Health Needs

Dealing with the frustrations of parenting a child with complex health needs is complicated and scary. This post was written during one of darkest times of our journey.

Dealing with Reality: My Child is Sick

Coming to terms with raising a chronically sick child.

Ultimate Guide to G-Tube Resources: scare left after g-tube removal.

After the Feeding Tube: Adjusting to life when the feeding tube is removed

Milton the Mealtime Companion

“Milton is great for encouraging new foods, learning about healthy eating, teaching table manners, demonstrating safe eating, having fun meals with your little one and so much more!”

My son loves his Milton! While it might seem a bit counterintuitive, having Milton on-hand to feed foods to and try new foods with is encouraging him to expand his palate. If I could I would buy Milton for every single tubie I know

Surgical G-Tube Removal

Apollo’s g-tube had to be closed surgically due to the amount of scar tissue built up. While the surgery went smoothly he contracted a nasty staph infection that kept him sick for weeks.

Pictorial Guide to Staph Infection

Warning: this post contains graphic photos of my son’s staph infection.

Tools to Help a Picky Eater

My compilation of resources and we transition from tube-fed to a picky eater.

How to Get Your Former Tubie to Take Medicine Orally

This was one of my biggest fears (we had 4 1/2 years of being able to put medicine directly in his g-tube) and we faced it immediately after surgery.

I’m Angry at My Son’s Doctors

Reflections on four years with a g-tube.

Tubie Graduate Photo Shoot

A fun photoshoot I did with my son to commemorate his 4 1/2 years with a feeding tube.

Early Birdies CP YouTube Channel

This YouTube channel shares blenderized diet ideas and how they “went from visiting the GI weekly to only once in the past five years since we started my son on a blenderized diet.”

g-tube graduation photo shoot.

G-Tube Humor

Life is too short to be serious all the time. Here are some posts about the humorous parts of life with a g-tube.

9 Signs Your Child May Have Complex Medical Needs 

Books to Help in Your Feeding Tube Journey

(some of these links are affiliate links)

Real Kids, Real Tubes: A My Tubey Photograph Book

This book is exactly what it sounds like a book full of pictures of real kids with feeding tubes. Apollo is featured several times in this book so of course, it is a favorite of ours!

Super Tubie

A children’s book to celebrate the superpower of growing up with a feeding tube.

Love Me Feed Me

I own this book and it has been a huge help to me over the years. The Amazon description says this, “Grounded in science, but made real with the often heart-breaking and inspiring words of parents who have been there, Dr. Katja Rowell helps readers understand and address feeding challenges, from simple picky eating to entrenched food obsession, oral motor and developmental delays, “feeding clinic failures,” and more.

The Picky Eater Project Review: a great resource for picky eaters.

The Picky Eater Project

If your child is safely allowed to eat you will love this book. It focuses on food prep, talking about food and getting kids comfortable with food…even if they ultimately don’t eat it.

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